Kastilar Vantefaan


Current location: Thay

Current activities: Terrorist for the New Ala or reserves and Captain of the Vanguard.


Primary character: Kastilar Vantefaan

Tiefling, Warlord – build: Resourceful.

age: 24

Handedness: left

Height: 5’10

Weight: 188 lbs

Alignment: Good ( Chaotic)

Skills: History, religion, bluff, Insight – “Jack of all trades.”

Raised on the visious streets of the island of The Alaor, Kastilar was a pain in the side of Szaas Tam since he turned a teenager. He quickly was able to find folks who hated Tam almost as much as a he did. He was a major player, both politically and martially in the recent attempts to free The Aloar from Thay rule. This was met with swift vengeance from Thay and they retaliated, leading their Dread Legion to victory and putting many of Kastilar’s friends to death.

This only spurrned on Kastilar’s actions and so, forsaking his island home he ventured onto the mainland to help in the well known, secret insurection that was going on.the

He quickly rose in the ranks eventually leading his own crew on daring and calculated guerrila assaults on Tam’s Dread Legions.

After dozens of raids, both succesful and not, he came accross a desicrated wizards tower. Already familiar with both Arcana and Alchemy, he and his squad were able to start producing Alchemists Fire, a potent and volatile explosive.

Kastilar started to lead surgical strikes on known enemy hotspots, planting traps in locations that he knew were used by merchants ckming to trade with Tam’s undead warriors.

He became known for quoting passages from famous military texts by legendary generals such as Malachai and Dhyrian. He garnered an even more fame for his ruthless efficiency not only for his somewhat daring and surprising manoeuvres but also for his capacity for using his environment and kinsmen with excellent synergy. Resourceful and innovative he has had more success than most in the field.

When a member of his squad, Kristov, failed to report for duty, he lead a retaliatory strike into the region that he had sent his unfortunate squad mate.

Knowing that there was almost certainly a trap for him he used decoys to draw out most of the undead guard. When he saw the chance he launched himself and a handful of his comrades into the fort, cutting through the surprised and confused guards to the dungeon complex that housed his friend.


Martial pride:
Kastilar is hardy chap, he does not easily back down from a fight. He is a good fighter and an even better leader, but he can turn his hand to anything.

Thrives under pressure:
Kastilar is very intelligent and likes to stay busy. He is something of a stress addict.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (sort of)
He drinks to try to forget Tail-torture and the loss of his students in a routine training operation. The following italicised statements represent this:

Scarred tail:
As a result of being exstensively tortured with fire, Kastilar has horrific scars running the length of his tail – getting worse toward the end. This was done to see how much fire based pain he could take – some sadistic capture wanted to know what resistances he truly got from his infernal heretige.

Can manipulate objects with his tail. This is due to the vast scarring as a result of hideous torture by the members of Cormyr.

He has no time for slavers and will not ally them under any circumstances, the exception of course is if his friends are in danger (see A Captain’s Duty- below)

Glutten for punishment:
Kastilar joined the conflict in Thay as something of a freelance freedom fighter believing that noone should be under the heel of another.

A Captains Duty:
As a consequence of losing so many of his comrades over the years in Thay, he has a heightened sense of responsibility. He will not risk the lives of his teammates and will always aspire to rescue them should they become inprisined. Kastilar is more than willing to sacrifice his own safety for the lives of others. He also feels that a leader should never ask something of a follower that they themselves are not prepared to do.

Kastilar Vantefaan

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