Mikal Feidlerson Level 5 Human Male Good Ranger Ruthless Hunter Godhunter


Str 10
Con 15
Dex 20
Int 13
Wis 16
Cha 10

Trained Skills Passive Perception 20 Passive Insight 12


Secondary Skills



Mikal was raised in a sleepy village of Glenwood on the edge of the Cormanthor forest, between Scardale and Harrowdale.

His father earnt a living by hunting in the woods and his mother sold the excess at the local market. Mikal has trained with his father in the way of the woods since he was a boy and thought of nothing other than a peaceful life until one day when returning home after a hunting expedition with his father, Mikal found that his village had been razed and most of the population killed, including his mother.

The few survivors left told Mikal and his father how they were attacked by an orc war-band. Since then Mikal’s father raised him in the forests for fear that settling in a town is too much of a beacon to any ner do wells, only venturing into villages short times to trade.

From this burns a hatred for orcs that his father has made no attempt to extinguish, though Mikal did not share his father’s need to shun civilization but developed sense of duty to protect it.

Upon coming of age Mikal joined the town watch of Highmoon but found that the skills he had learnt from his father didn’t fit with being a visible sentry atop a watch tower feeling tethered and exposed. The last straw was when his captain refused to send any of his men to defend the village of Thornford from a goblin tribe that had been blighting the area saying that he duty was to defend the city.

Since then Mikal has wandered from village to village around the Dales surviving off the land protecting the smaller villages from the savages that call the forests of the Dales home.


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