The Mockingbird


Current activities:
Personal Bodyguard of Captain Kastilar Vantefaan.

Personal history:
The Mockingbird, name unknown, was a gladiator in the city of Baldur’s Gate.

Was extremely hard to kill due to his phenomenal fortitude and his ability to pulverise almost any opponent with his bare hands. Never wanting to let an audience down he would always send as many engagements with a sickening finish.

Won his freedom but decided to stay for a good while longer feeling that the only way to truly know someone is when they are defeated and begging for life.

A lethal, spontaneous and quietly frightening presence with a reputation of brutal efficiency The Mockingbird eventually left the fighting pits and signed on as a bounty hunter throughout Baldur’s Gate. For him, this was a very lucrative move as he brought in mark after mark with a chilling relentlessness.

He was rarely given an opportunity to leave the city, his work and social standing holding him out of all but the lowest echelons of civilisation.

Eventually he was given an opportunity to leave the city. He was given a mark that would take him all the way across the continent. He was placed on a ship and sent away to the land of Thay to hunt for a captain of the resistance who, for untold reasons needed to be eliminated. Not one to ask too many questions The Mockingbird set of with just a name: Kastilar Vantefaan.

After several weeks of hunting through ruins he came across his mark. He didn’t strike at first wanting to take the measure of his target before the kill. So amazed was The Mockingbird to hear the belief and the strength with which Vantefaan lead his followers he was taken very aback. So much so that he missed his opportunity to strike.

As penance, Vantefaan made him his personal guard. Awaiting the time that his ward might turn on him.

The Mockingbird

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